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Grooming Backup Set failed, error -2241

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Hi, I'm using Retrospect Multi Server version 7.0.301 (Retrospect Update update version 7.06.108) running on Windows 2003 Server (no SP1). Every time I try to run a grooming on my backup set I get the following errors:


+ Executing Groom Daily Backup at 9/25/2005 4:40 PM (Execution unit 1)

Grooming Backup Set Daily on Disk...

Groomed 664.4 MB from Backup Set Daily on Disk.

Grooming Backup Set Daily on Disk failed, error -2241 (Catalog File invalid/damaged)

Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set Daily on Disk, error -1 (unknown)

9/25/2005 7:52:11 PM: Execution incomplete

Duration: 03:11:50 (00:01:46 idle/loading/preparing)


The catalog file seems to be ok since I use it on daily backups and doing a search of a backed up file or a restore is not a problem so far.

Any clues about these errors?? I need to do a grooming since my backup data is growing a lot.

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Is this an encrypted Disk Backup Set?

I believe this is a grooming bug within Retrospect that happens in certain environments and our engineers are looking into the issue.


I have found that rebuilding the catalog and then doing a manual groom (Configure > Backup Sets > Rt. click the backup set and choose groom) will usually resolve the problem.

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