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Can't access Backup Set, error -1101 (file/directory not found) on samba share


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I have a problem with Retrospect Express 5.X and Professional 7.0.

I have experienced this same problem in three different environments, using WinXP, Win2K, and different versions of Linux and Samba.

No firewalls are in use.


When running automated backups to a network share (samba on Linux), Retrospect gives the error:

Can't access Backup Set Steve_C, error -1101 (file/directory not found)


If I manually run the backup, it will work approximately half the time, but usually only after it asks where the backup set can be found.

Most of the time, Retrospect says that my mapped network drive does not exist, even though it is seen by windows and I am reading and writing to it.

Retrospect is the only piece of software on my machines that has trouble identifying these network drives.


Has anyone else experienced this issue, and found a resolution to it?


-Steve in Phx.


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In Retrospect 7 have you specified a user to run Retrospect as in the Retrospect security preferences? Make sure it is the administrator of the machine running Retrospect.


Samba had some problems with Windows logins in version 3.06 and earlier. Make sure you have a current version of samba installed.




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I'm running Retrospect 7.0 Professional and Samba 3.0.14.


If I go into preferences and set this to always run as Administrator, and enter the password, what goes into the "Log on to:" field?

Is it looking for a server, a name or ID, or what?

This field is not documented in the user guide, and without that field it says "can't grant necessary user privileges".




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