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PC performs graceful shutdown during Retro execution


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This one has been driving us nuts. Randomly, but only during nightly Retropspect executions, the Sony VAIO logs off and shuts itself down. Pretty Windows XP music and all. The event log seems to always begin with event 1517, which basically says that the Registry is still in use when the shutdown command was given. Retrospect events always follow this event. There are no other log entries (that we can find) that point to a specific issue. The problem went away for a few weeks, but is semi-consistent otherwise...


No other apps are running.

The machine is fully up to date with SP2 and all current updates.

Retrospect is up to date at version 7.0.326

The drive is a LaCie AIT SCSI drive attached to an Adaptec SCSI card (with up to date driver).


A recent call in to Dantz tech support yielded no clues.


Anyone seen this before?

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