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Lsass.exe error after Disaster Recovery completed

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I am running Windows 2000 SBS with the most recent V7 trial version. I have installed Retrospect at 3 other clients but this is my first SBS (note 2000 not 2003). I was told that all the products are virtually the same with some licensing issues so the fact that this is a full package should not be any issue.


I completed a full backup successfully, made the disaster recovery .iso and created a boot CD. Last night I worked late, changed the disk drive in the IBM server (no RAID - single drive for now) to one I could overwrite, booted up on the DR CD and proceeded to reload the C: drive. There were existing partitions on the drive which I instructed the program to delete and the created only one partition of 10GB (originally 36) as there was only 4GB of data. In the original configuration there were 4 partitions C: (15GB) d:(15GB) F:(2+GB) plus a little more. Everything seemed to go as expected.


Upon completion of the reload of C: and rebooting the system came up with the first 2 WINDOWS bars and then bombed with a message that LSASS.EXE did not like something and gave an error of 0x0000000f (I believe) and instructed me to press OK to shutdown. NOTE: Before running this process I ran a full virus scan and spyware scan so that should not have been an issue, and the drive I removed which was the drive from which the backup was taken does function.


I have not seen any messages regarding LSASS with regards to DR so I am looking to find out if there is a procedure I am missing, or if there is any thoughts on why this is happening. Note: behind the LSASS error screen the system was trying to prepare network connections.

I realize that I should have been more meticulous and write down the exact error, but it was not really all that informative.


Thank you.



The Kingsway Group

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Right! I went back over the document that I printed when I made the DR-CD and there it states clearly to do that. That's the problem with working these projects till 5AM. Your eyes see but the brain is already in bed!


Thanks, I'll try that out in the next couple of nights (its an hour away each way) and if I have a problem I will post again.


David Green

The Kingsway Group.

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