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change directory of C:\ ... \application data\config65.dat


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Hi !


This file is about 300Mo ! and there is its backup (.bak file), same size => 600Mo

I have "operations_log.utx" file that take about 90Mo


The backup report file and catalog files are stored in another partition.


It seems that my config is too big doesn t it ?


How can I "clean" it ?


Thx for your answers !

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First, I have to say that my config and bak files have grown from 500KB to 1.5MB from time of my post above. [i've had Retro 7 installed for ~ 6 months] I have added a couple additional scripts recently, so that may account for the increase. I've got 6 scripts - although one has 6-7 selectors and one has 3 separate schedules for 3 separate media.


Do you have a lot of complex scripts? Seeing you're using the server edition - are you backing up a lot of clients? Not sure, but the files may shrink if you remove scripts. I think the config file also includes references to your backup sets, but each reference shouldn't take very much space. Of course, if you need all the scripts, you wouldn't want to delete any of them.


Otherwise, the only way I know to 'clean' these files is to delete them and let Retrospect recreate new ones. Of course, this will delete all scripts and all references to Backup sets. Win 2K might let you delete the files in Safe Mode - but I'm not sure if Retrospect will tolerate it when you next boot into normal mode. For sure, you can uninstall Retro, delete the files, reinstall Retro [and recreate your scripts]



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