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Restore Windows.ISO file > 700 meg -- HELP


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Am using Retrospect Prof V7 to back up my Windows XP lap top which has both a C and a D drive partition. After completing the initial back to a MAXTOR external hard drive, I went through the initial steps to create a recovery CD. The ISO file came out using 734,664 KB.


I went back, uninstalled some unnecessary software, deleted some very large files, deleted the previous ISO file, emptied my recyle bin, etc., and started over with a brand new backup set. However the ISO file created by the disaster recovery process is still 734 Meg.


Any suggestions? What determines how large this file will be?

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Sally - The DR CD only installs a Windows and Retrospect 'shell'. It does NOT restore any user installed programs/applications or data => i.e., uninstalling programs/deleting files won't make any difference in the size of the iso image.

To reduce the size of the iso image, you can deleted all of the subfolders within the i386 folder. Do not delete any files that are in i386, just the subfolders.

After deleting the subfolders, recreate your DR iso.


Again, please test the resulting DR CD. Also, if you have a spare drive, it would be a good idea to test a complete disaster recovery.

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