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Reloating File-based Backup Set


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I tried, and it appears there are no provisions for relocating a file-based backup set to a different path.


I don't want to:


Forget the set

Create the set at new location

edit all scripts with reference to it


I want to avoid all the negative implications associated with that process.


Is it possible to simply modify the backup set location properties?

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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to re-import a file backup set without losing all current associations to that backup set.


Once you've moved the file backup set to it's new location, you can just double-click that file and the new path would be imported into Retrospect.

However you would have to edit all scripts that reference it (I know, it's a pain).

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That's what I was afraid. And there really ought to be a way to move the file-based backup set. And the scripts should be looking for the backup set, not the hard coded location.


Here's something interesting...


After I phyiscally moved the entire folder contain all backup sets to a 2nd hard drive on the SBS server, I didn't change anything.


This morning, I got an email notice indicating the nightly Exchange mailbox backup completed successfully. I verfiy that in the log as well. The file date is correct, and size has grown.


So apparently, it somehow detected my move! Anyone has any explaination for this? I'm glad that it worked, but I need to know exactly what the designers intend us to do, when moving backup set files.

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I just tested this and still got the same window requesting for the location of the catalog file.


Did you do a copy of the backup folder to a different hd leaving the original backup folder still in place (copy and paste)?

Or did you physically remove the backup folder from it's original location to a different hd (cut and paste)?

If the original data was still in place, Retrospect will continue using that original location.


If backup data or catalog is moved outside of the program (ie. thru Windows Explorer), Retro will have no knowledge of it's location.

Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about that.

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My sequence was:


COPY the backup set file to a different drive

immediately RENAME the original backup set file

Next morning, I noticed the overnight scheduled normal backup was successful

Confirm date and size of backup set file is consistent with success.

subsequently deleted the original backup set file after 2 days

Schedule backup still successful nightly, been over a week now


I will do a small backup experiment later and update here.

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