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Hi, I'm using Retrospect backup on my laptop, which only has about a 35GB harddrive. The other day I discovered that I'm down to only 1% free space on my laptop, and after searching I found the retrospect folder, filled with over 60 files, and overall it takes up 18GB of space! Which is essentially killing my computer. I was wondering what these even are, and can I delete them or what. My dad installed this for me and now I'm totally confused and he's no help. I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks

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Tell us about the files. Folder and file names, extensions (e.g. .rbf, other), dates last modified. You don't need to list the whole directory structure and file list, but give us an idea of what you're seeing. They might be backup files. Is Retrospect running any backups, and where is it storing its data? How often do you recycle (or using grooming) to clean out old catalogs?

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