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Rebuilding catalog removes Backup Set from Script Destinations


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I needed to move some Retrospect Catalogs from one disk to another, due to space issues. To do this, I went to Configure -> Backup Set and choose the Backup set and then used the Recreate Catalog option from the menu.




I have noticed that doing this causes any script that uses that Backup Set to loose all knowledge of that Backup Set as a destination. As a result, the scripts don't run. I have to go back and add all the Backup Sets relevant to the script into the Destinations area. And if its scheduled to cycle through all the Backup Sets (say for instance I have five and I recycle one every week), I have to redo the entire schedule.




Why does rebuilding a catalog remove the backup set from the destinations in the scripts?




Forgot to add: Win2K3, Retrospect 7.0.326, RDU



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Rebuilding the catalog file basically reads the encrypted backup data and creates a brand new *.rbc file. The software is built to forget all references to the old set (presumably because it is damaged or needs to be updated) and will reference the recreated set instead since 2 Backup Sets with the same name and type cannot exist within the software.


You will need to re-add the rebuilt Backup Set to your script destinations but your schedules should stay intact.

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Well, in my case, the backup set was not damaged. I simply needed to move the catalog to a new location and could not find any way to do that. I really think the current Retrospect behavior is not desirable. Thats like saying because I dropped and recreated an index in a database, now I have to go through and change or re-add all my table names. Now if I deleted the Backup Set, obviously removing it from all the scripts is the right thing to do. But that shouldn't happen when I change an index.. Thankfully, the person who does most of the tape swapping for our other backup systems noticed that no scripts were running for Retrospect and we were able to track down why. If the current behavior persists, at least a warning that the user must re-add any Backup Sets with recreated Catalog Files to existing scripts.


As far as the schedules, if you say they should still be there, its a bug. One script had five Backup Sets, which disappeared when I recreated the catalogs. It had 25 scheduled items - a Recycle Backup each Friday and then a normal backup each week day, with the backup set changing each week. After adding the Backup Sets back to the scripts as Destinations, the Schedule replaced the five Backup Sets in the script and substituted the first Backup Set for all entries in the Schedule area.

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If you want to move a catalog file to a new location, you can just move it in Windows Explorer. In Retrospect, if you bring up the properties for the backup set, it will ask "where is the catalog file" and let you browse to its new location. You can also double-click the catalog file in its new location and Retrospect will pick it up that way.

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