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Media Unrecognized


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Under very specific circumstances, R7 refuses to recognize valid media in a DVD+RW backup set. Those conditions are:


1) DVD media has been reformatted

2) Retrospect is auto-launched


I'm using a fully-verified drive (Sony DRU-510A) and Memorex media.


I have a nightly incremental backup scheduled for 2:00 AM. When I login in the morning, Retrospect

is still up with the Device Manager window open showing "Media Unrecognized". All I have to do to

get past this condition is eject and reinsert the media. At that point Retrospect proceeds without error.


I recently extended an existing backup set with new DVDs -- the problem went away as long as

the incremental job was writing to the new media. Then I rotated to the next backup set, and

the problem started happening again.


This does not normally happen when R7 has been manually started, although I have seen it once

or twice then also.


I've had an open support case on this problem for 6 months but nobody at Dantz seems interested in pursuing it.

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I just purchased a maxtor one touch II 300 GB drive and installed the retrospect express software that came with it on my MAC OS X Tiger iMac. I used the new 6.0.212 installer and the 6.6.101 driver update to be sure i had the lastest and greatest version of the software. I have connencted the drive (via firewire) correctly, I can see it and manually drop files on it, etc. However, when I launch express and go to configure and then devices, it does not see my maxtor drive so i therefore cannot use it as a backup device. It is not recognizing the drive at all. How can I correct this? Thank you.

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