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6.5 win After unexpected reinstall : all log files ans definitions lost


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I am frrench and I use french version so I am sorry if I don't use always of the right translation of some technical concepts in my post.

Because of lack of ressources on win2kPro genrated by a bug into APC driver, at the beginning of august the system became completely mad by running intempestive INSTALLER.

Retrospect could not run till the solution could be found (unactivate the right service).


When we could run again Retrospect (6.5) it asked for serial number and we discover that all parameters, catalog, scripts, volume etc... had disappeared.


I could reconnect catalog found on their place but not any other data's of Retrospect (physically seams to be reinitiated).


From this point, do you know :

- if is it a way to avoid such issue in the future, why this append, and to be able to restart the whole system ? Nota: the computer runs the whole time and I don't know exactly when the accident accurs, so which backups had been successfull before.

- how to define configuration and scripts (partially lost) right compatible with the catalogs, so being able to restart from the point of the catalogs. Do exists some tricks in this operation ?





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All of Retrospect's settings and scripts are stored in a file configxx.dat. There is also a backup file called configxx.bak. These files are stored in C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\Retrospect.


If you backed up the C drive at any time you should have a copy of these files that you can restore.




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