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Backing up a SFM Windows Server


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We have a Windows server running Services For Macintosh (SFM) to allow Mac users to access the server as well as Windows users.

We can not install a client on the server as it is not managed by us.


Is there a way to back-up the servers Macintosh files using the NTFS share while preserving the Mac specific "shadow" information generated by SFM?


As it is now, it is lost and files depending on it is restored as "generic" text documents.


We are running Retrospect 7.




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You can set Windows to share the SFM folder and then have Retrospect connect and backup to that volume via Windows Networking (instead of using the Retrospect client).

Go to Configure > Volumes > My Network.

You will need to input an admin-level username and password to connect to the SFM volume.


I ran a test backup of some .dmg files on a SFM volume and then restored to a Mac machine and the icon/file-type was still preserved.

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