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SBS 7 How to write script for 3 USB external disk backup


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I am unable to write a successful script. Can you help or point me to material to assist. I wish to backup a single server to three weekly rotating USB hard disk. I can manually backup now so all the drives work. What I would like to happen is as follows:

Attach USB hard disk - script does a recycle backup and then does incremental till I swap out the USB disk and then does a recycle and then incremental etc etc. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Jim

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Here is how I would do it.

Step 1)

Create 3 backup sets

Create a proactive backup script that contains all 3 backup sets as destinations.

Set the script to backup every day.


This will handly your incremental backups to whatever drive is attached.


Step 2)

Create a standard backup script

Add all 3 backup sets as destinations

Do not save a schedule

From the run menu at the top of the screen create a run document for a recycle backup to each backup set. Save the run document icon on the desktop of the computer.


Whenever you swap out disks just click on the run document icon for the disk you attached to the computer.


The big advantage here is that the user is in control of recycle backups and not tied to a schedule.




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