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Problem in setting backup time of day.


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My backup time was set to 10:00 PM, but I wanted to set it later. I changed the time to 3:00 AM, and saw that the main set-up screen said that the backup time was now 8:00 PM. I tried 1:00 AM, and the backup time was shown as 6:00 PM.


Okay, I got the pattern. I set the backup time to be 8:00 AM, and sure enough, the main setup screen showed the backup time as 1:00 AM.


In all cases, the detail screen, where I actually set the backup time, still showed the time as I entered it.


What's going on, and what backup time will actually be used: the one shown in the main setup screen or the one shown in the detail setup screen (that shows days of the week with check boxes and the backup time as I enter it)?


Thanks for any enlightenment. Context: Windows XP Pro running on Dell Dimension 9100, backup drive a Maxtor OneTouch II 300 GB connected with USB 2.

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