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repeat crashed during transfer snapshots - "assertion failure at "nadrip.cpp-161".."


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this setup/script worked fine for months. now i'm getting "retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "nadrip.spp-161..."" repeatedly on a win xp pro machine during scripted 'transfer snapshots' from 'disk backup set' to 'tapes backup set'.


retro app at current version level. win xp machine fully updated. transfers occur from lacie ext. firewire hard drive to sony ait-2 scsi tape drive.


advice would be greatly appreciated.

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nate, tx for your post.


doesn't appear to be limited to a particular backup set. though, i don't have good/enough data to answer reliably.


the transfer snapshot ran successfully after two tries. though this time, no information was written to the retrospect log.



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