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Forced Compression in Retrospect 7.x (DVD-RAM)


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To any in the know:


I installed Retrospect 7.0 purchased at local store on my Dad's Win2K machine to automate his backups...after a few of the updates/patches downloaded I seem to be able setup for automated backups to DVD-RAM (4.7GB, Double Sided = 9GB).


It will prompt my Dad to put in the particular DVD, but for some reason I cannot get the Compression to work at all. I know that I have set it on and did some test with "other" brand backup and zip and I should be getting like 40% on the files I am backing up. [mostly documents]


Does anyone know how to Force Retrospect 7.x either by registry, script or other to try and Compress everything. It treats the DVD-RAM as if they are Hard Drives, but that still makes no sense why it refuses to enable compression when I select it.


I would like both the short-term workaround that might force Retrospect 7.x to try and compress everything and the long-term fix where that Toggle has meaning!


Even if it was an 80GB external drive why should Dantz disable compression?!?


Any ideas?



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Thanks Nate, but I am telling you it is doing the Math wrong. Based on the access speed of my DVD-RAM (which looks like a hard drive) vs. even some minor compression would speed up the backups and save me DVD space.


MS$ has a lot of crap that is smarter than its own good like that LSASS backdoor that has been heavily exploited.


I work in R&D and run 2 Databases at work...at least for DVD-RAM backup it is doing zero compression independent of if I am backing up a bunch of txt files mixed with exe files.


My guess is it is checking a few of the files and then giving up on compression.



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Retrospect bases its compression on file type for each file. It never "gives up" Files that Retrospect thinks are already compressed will not be compressed in backup. I believe EXE files are excluded from compression.


What happens when you run a test backup with just text files?




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