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Windows 2k Professional + Retrospect HD + TightVNC


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Hello everyone,


I'm new to this forume, hi smile.gif


My problem stumbles me alot, here we go;


I'm currently in the process of seting up a small busniness network for my dad. He has this old Windows 2000 Professional computer with a Matrox Millenium G450 Dual Head gfx card that we are using as a file server. Here we have installed a Maxtor OneTouch II USB drive, and obviously we are running the Retrospect Express HD that came with it for doing backups. It all seems to work fine, as far as I can tell backups seems to be done on scheduled times etc. So thats not the problem, as far as I know.


The problem is that we have the server in a different room, without monito nor keyboard or mouse. Thats why we have installed TightVNC for beeing able to access the servers desktop remotely. This also works just fine, but, when logged into the vnc server, i can double klick on the Retrospect icon in the task bar, or klick the icon to start the Retrospect GUI. I can see the first screen that loads, the one where i can select, I dont remember exactly, but things like sSecurity, Disk Management, BackUp/Restore etc. I click on the green one to the left, i think its called Bacup/Restore, then i can see the grey small "loading" bar popup, then it dissapear, and then ... nothing more ... i can still see the desktop, other icons, other applications, but not the GUI for the Retrospec application. I can see that the application is infact running, because i can see it in the taskbar, the one at the bottom of the screen. But nothing happens if i click on it, the window just doesnt show. If i leftklick on the application icon in the taskbar, i get the menu, if i then klick move, i get the move pointer, and it seems that i infact have a window that i can move around, its just that it is invisible ?!


Does anyone have a clue ?!


If i attach a screen it ofcourse works, then i see the application window beeing rendered, but not if i connect via vnc ...


Hope anyone have an idea? I havent had time to check with other vnc clients yet, but ill try as soon as I get home.


Hope someone can help.


Best regards,



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The user on the machine im using the vnc client from has administrator rights, so does the user that is logged in on the windows 2k machine.


Also, the windows 2k machine doesnt realy have a password, it has a password but its just blank, when its started it is configured to go straight to windows, bypassing login. I know it might be a security risc, but this is in a home network, and dad is the only one using it.


// Andreas

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