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Express HD Problem


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I have installed ExpressHD with my Maxtor OneTouchII but it is not working correctly. The run entry in the registry has a /h parameter that I assume causes it to load the try icon but not the main dialog. When its run this way it just uses 100% CPU and never seems to come back. The operations_log in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RetroExp has this over and over:


+ $[15]Retrospect Express HD$[16] version

Automatically launched at 8/30/2005 1:57 AM

tyceCheckDL: DL 1468 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1006, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1269 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1005, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1407 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1004, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1389 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1003, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1338 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1002, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1064 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1001, error -647 (resource not found)

tyceCheckDL: DL 1203 item 'HSLo' bad chunk 1000, error -647 (resource not found)

Exit at 8/30/2005 2:02 AM


If I take the /h off it works pretty well but it loads the main dialog each login which is kind of annoying (and this is my girlfriend's computer so anything annoying to her ends up annoying me 10 times as much smile.gif).


Any ideas?




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