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Retrospect 7 -- firewall settings for ZoneAlarm Pro?


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After some initial luck in setting up two remote clients for backup from my own PC (as server), something got lost after rebooting one or more of these, and I no longer can backup these clients. All Client settings look fine, and Properties for each indicate that some level of communication is going on using Multicast - Piton Name Service and Default Interface, yet attempts to execute the backups fail repeatedly with Error -519 (network communication failed).


I'm suspicious of my PC firewalls, ZoneAlarm Pro 5.5 -- Any specific directions or experience on how to set up the "well-known port 497" on this firewall? Any help would be appreciated. TIA.


-- Lorin

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I may have found the relevant problem to this in another thread, and it doesn't seem related to ZoneAlarm at all...


See instead "Retrospect 7 and the dreaded 519 error", first posted 08/03/05 by Kevin David, with the suggested solution/workaround posted on 08/09/05 by Kevin. There he mentions the Priority Slider in the Retrospect Client's setup/dialog box, Preferences tab.


I found that on both of my clients, this slider was pegged at 100% (all the way to the right, at the "Backup" lable). Moving it back to 25% (second tick on the left, one to the right of "User") lets the backup client work again!


On 08/11/05, Kevin confirms this finding/workaround, but goes on to suggest that setting this slider may not be entirely "sticky", and that it seems to move on its own... This sounds like a bug that should be reported to the Dantz/Retrospect Pro engineering/product support team.


-- Lorin

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