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Preparing Disaster Recovery CDs


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In one of DANTZ's knowlege base papers it give directions for using many of the popular CD burning software to prepare a bootable disk. I'm particularly interested in Nero, but the Nero directions seem to relate to a previous version of the product. I'm using Nero Express, and there are lots of applications in the Suite. I'm pretty sure I should be using Nero Express, and creating a bootable CD. But it then talks about an El Torito format, and doesn't have the standard menus that the Dantz instructions have. Can anyone give me the step by step instructions to prepare a bootable cd and burning the ISO file I create in the backup using the latest Nero software? I'm sure this would not be hard, if you've been through the process before. I would naturally appreciate any responses, and would like to thank any responders in advance.

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Thank you for your quick response. I got Nero OEM with my Mad Dog CD Burner, but upgraded to Nero Express Version 6.x. When I access nero through the Program menu, about 10 different programs come up under different categories, including phot CD preparation, media player, etc. The only program that allows me to burn CDs is Nero Express, version 6.06, and this has the burning option of either a data disk, or a bootable CD. But there are no file options or categories. Just the choice of adding more files to the bootable CD. None of the options present in the writeup appears. The closest think to create from image is on the second screen, when it asks for a bootable diskette. Am I in the right program? Thanks again for the help.

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The CD image created by Dantz should already conform to the El Torito spec, if it doesn't then booting would not work.


You can use just about any CD recording program to place the image on the CD.


I've used both Nero and Roxio Eeasy Media Creator, with no problem.


Just follow the instructions in the Nero Express Help for creating a CD from an image file.

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Thanks. Can the CD be safely booted once prepared as a test without damaging the contents of the current hard drive? I appreciate your prompt reply.


You can test whether the DR CD will boot and load Windows Setup - and that you Setup detects the drives in your system and whether Setup gives you the option of proceeding with installing or not.


But, once you've chosen a partition and told Setup to proceed, you will have either formatted your drive or started an install - either of which would be considered to have 'damaged' the contents of your harddrive.


Note: If you did not choose to reformat, all your user generated files should be untouched by Setup.



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You probably already have an answer to your problem with Nero Express. But I just joined the group and didn't see one. So... Nero Express is a "wizard" only version of Nero, which doesn't offer access to the parameters that an "advanced" user would need, as in the case of making a bootable Windows system disk. You need just plain Nero 6 (6.5x is the latest, I think, with 7 coming out soon). 6.5 allows you to start in plain Nero or Nero Express, and toggle between them if you want to. There is some reason to do that, as many of the parameters you set in Nero are preserved in Nero Express, which is simpler and faster to use, and more klutz resistant. An example is you can turn the "verify" option on or off in Nero, and Nero Express will preserve the setting, unless and until it's changed in Nero.

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I have been using Windows XP Home SP1 for ages because that was the current version of Windows when I started using DR Professional 6.5.350. Retrospect made my Disaster Recovery disk for me and all has been well. But now I am getting a craving to upgrade to Windows XP Home SP2. This is a mind boggling thing for me because I want to continue to use DR Professional 6.5.350 and to continue to have a Disaster Recovery CD. You probably know by now that making an SP2 Disaster Recovery CD involves making a Windows XP Home installation disk with SP2 components "slipstreamed" onto it. This is complicated enough that Dantz didn't want to get into it, so has referred us to Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows, where you can get his detailed instructions for making the slipstreamed SP2 installation disk http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_sp2_slipstream.asp. To add to the complexity, he recommends using Nero Burning ROM 6 to burn the final version to CD. The problem (for me) is that there are a slew of versions of Nero Burning ROM 6 to choose from http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=nero. I believe that all the versions of Nero that are titled "Nero Ultra Edition" have a version of Nero Burning ROM 6 with them. My question is, will they all work? Also, how much do they look like Paul Thurrott's detailed diagrams that are at http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_sp2_slipstream.asp?


So you can see that my mind is terribly boggled. I'm feeling like I'm part of a Wallace and Grommet movie. Does anyone know for sure which version of Nero Burning ROM 6 that Paul Thurrott uses in his detailed instructions? If you do, I would be forever greatful.


Thank you!

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