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Retrospect 7, Disaster Recovery and Server 2003

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We are running Retrospect 7 Multi-server and are trying to do a Disaster Recovery to a Windows Server 2003 machine via the Disaster Recovery CD-r.


The whole process seemed to go well until the restore was complete and we were told to reboot. Upon reboot, I received the error Windows cannot find windows\system32\config\system


So... I recovery consoled in and edited the boot.ini so that I could could boot to the "temporary OS"


Now I can boot the computer but it's only in the "Temporary OS" mode.. retrospect hasnt cleaned up the filesystem or deleted the temorary OS.


It looks like all of my files have been restored, but the OS is broken, does anyone have any suggestions on how to jump start the Disaster recovery process?




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As you may have guessed the directory in question contains the registry/active directory. It sounds like this directory was not successfully restored.


Were there any errors when you ran the backup?

Are you restoring to the same hardware you backed up from?


At this point you may need to run another restore using a different backup snapshot. This snapshot should contain another copy of the files in question.




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