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v6.5 append to USB/IDE drive question


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I am a relative newbie to the Retrospect product, but not backups in general. I inherited the software and a set of requirements that I am having trouble getting Retrospect to handle. They are:


Two USB/IDE drives that are swapped weekly

Nightly backups

No user interaction beyond swapping the drives on Mondays

I got the jobs set up, but the problem I am running in to is that Retrospect fills up a drive and then asks for another to add to the Backup Set. I see the option to clear a drive of contents and catalogs and start fresh, but what I would like to do is have the drive overwrite as many of the older filesets as necessary in order to accomplish new backups, i.e. append with overwrite.


Is this possible with v6.5? I am having no luck with RTFM or poking around the interface.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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