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Not backing up all the files on the drive?


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I am using Retrospect Express 6.5 on a Win98 machine. I back up only this one machine to an ION 160GB external drive. (Retrospect Express came with the drive.) I do a full backup of my drives (all files).


The number of files Retrospect Express tells me it will or has backed up for a given drive is much smaller than the number of files my virus scanner reports it has scanned for the same drive.


I did a quick scan by eye and the retrospect number seems correct. Does anyone have thoughts as to why the antivirus file number is so much greater than the express number? I am concerned that retrospect is not backing up all the files on the drive.


Many thanks.

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Retrospect does smart copies of the disk. If an identical file exists in more than one place Retrospect will only back up the file once. This saves time and space in your backup. upon restore Retrospect is smart enough to copy the file back to multiple locations as needed.




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