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Newbie question about grooming


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I just purchased 7 Pro to work with a new USB hard drive and have done a couple of wizard driven backups. I read through the manual last night and saw the information on grooming options. I wanted to set this up but when I do a Configure Backup Sets, there are no grooming options on the Properties Options tab. Did I have to set up grooming when the backup sets were created or is there a way to enable it now that they exist? Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for the info. On that tab I see the "Use at most" options. But I don't see any way to view or change the "Ask for a new disk"/"Keep only the last n backups"/"Keep according to Retrospect's defined policy" setting that I made when I created the backup set. The Retrospect User's Guide on page 235 says that these options can be changed at any time on the Options tab so that's why I was looking there. Also, article 7941 in the Knowledgebase with the title "Disk Backup Set Grooming with Retrospect 7" shows a screen shot of the backup set Options tab with check boxes for these options. But I don't see them when I pull up this dialog. Does anybody else see them?

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