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Retrospect 7.0 won't work across network

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Ok, I hope I don't confuse everyone, because I am EXTREMELY confused. I have a simple home network, using a combination of wired and wireless connections. I have a Maxtor II 200GB external hard drive with Retrospect HD 1.0. I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite A75-2131 laptop, with all the latest "bells and whistles." I decided to hook my Maxtor up to the network, rather than to just the Toshiba (plugging and unplugging the device when i wanted to transport the laptop didn't appeal to me). I purchased a Linksys Network Storage Link (NSLU2) and attached my Maxtor to it via USB, and then connected the NSLU2 to the network via ethernet cable. I mapped the network drive, assigning it the letter "Z:" All worked well. Using Ghost 9.0, I copied an image of my Toshiba hard drive to the Maxtor. it went off without any problems.


HOWEVER, because Retrospect HD can't be used across a network, I purchase Retrospect 7.0 so I could back up my Toshiba, as well as two other computers in my home, to the Maxtor. But, each time I attempt a backup of my Toshiba, the program will get so far than tell me it is having trouble connecting to the network device, or that it can't access the network volume. I close the program and go into My Network Places and try to open my Maxtor. It shows it's disconnected and only a reboot of my computer and mapping the drive again will bring it back!!


This same issue, in various forms, has occurred every time I attempt to back up using Retrospect 7.0. HELP!!!!!?????? mad.gif

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There are about a hundred things that could be wrong here. Let's try to narrow it down.


Connect the maxtor drive directly to the machine running Retrospect and run a backup locally. That will tell us if the Maxtor drive is good.


With the Maxtor drive still attatched to your backup server run a backup of the notebook over the network. Try using Wired only first, then try wireless only.


Let us know when you start running into trouble.




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