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I am using version 6.5. and have a full computer backup scheduled every day. Drice "C" is compressed, and the host is drive "J". I am getting the following error everytime:


"File "J:\DRVSPACE.000": didn't compare at offset 66,588 in stream "Data"


(Note: the portion of the error message that says "at offset 66,588" is not always the same, the "offset" number is different from one backup session to the next)



The error appears everytime the backup takes place and I am afraid that if I ever have to recover from disaster, the recovery may fail due to that error.


Does anyone know what to do?



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The file DRVSPACE.000 is the file in which your compressed drive c: is stored. So if something changes on your C: drive the contents of the file DRVSPACE.000 are changed also. So you will always get compare errors because the file is changing all the time.

Additional remark: If you backup your compressed C: drive then you don't need to backup your host drive J:, because all the information inside the file DRIVESPACE.000 is already backed up.



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