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What protocol does Retro 7.0 uses to send data to networked storage device ?


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I've a Buffalo Linkstation hooked to a 4-port Netgear Firewall/Hub.

My PCs are bhind a Linksys WiFi AP which in turn is connected to one of the ports on the Netgear Firewall/Hub.


Question: what protocol does Retro uses to send backup data (from my PC) to the NAS (Linkstation) ? I need to know in case the Netgear Firewall blocks it or the Windows Firewall (or the Symantec Personal Firewall) on my PC blocks that....


On my Linkstation, I've enabled FTP server as well as exporting a folder into the WORKGROUP.

I think tht my PC can see the new WORKGROUP when I 'add a new network place' on my PC last night...


Thx in advance.

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