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Retrospect Crashes our OS X Server during HD Backup

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running out of options and thought I should post here. We have a problem when running a weekly hard drive backup which hangs the server and forces a hard restart.


Mac G4 Dual 867

768Mb RAM

OS X Server 10.3.9

AIT2 Firewire

LaCie 1.6Tb Bigger Disk formatted under Apple Disk Utility connected via FW 400

Retrospect v6.0.204 with Driver Upgrade v6.5.102


Our daily backup to AIT always runs fine, always has done.

We recently decided to create an additional script to backup current work files to and external 1.6 Tb LaCie HD once a week so if everything went bad we could quickly get back up and running again.

50% of the time when you run the HD backup it chokes the server. Usually you get spinning wheel but cannot force quit and a hard reset is the only course. You then have to rebuild the script via Retrospect tools and try again. No error codes appear on screen or are generated in the log.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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This sounds like classic FireWire communication problems. Nothing hangs up OS X quite as much as an expected filesystem not being seen.


First thing I'd try is a new FW cable.


Second thing I'd try is a different FW drive (that's actually two things (drive and bridge)). Depending on the warranty situation of the external device, you might try a different drive in the same case, and/or the same drive in a different case.



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