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Activity monitor: history windows stuck


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Well, this is nice. All of the windows/tabs in the Execution Monitor are stuck (or at least useless).




Whereas before this weekend I could easily select any log file from the window and read its contents, now the window is stuck on the top most entry in the list. No matter which log file I double click, it will always bring up the contents of the top most file.




Basically, that sucks. Some other error files contain errors which I need to be able to check up on.




Restarting the software hasn't worked and I'm not about to reboot the whole server to get this working again.










Hmm... strange... Apparently leaving the window alone for five to ten minutes all of a sudden frees up the tabs... Strange behaviour.






Never mind. It's stuck again *doh!*

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I think I may have found the connection.


I manage the Retrospect backup server (running Windows 2000 Server) remotely using Remote Desktop Connection. It's a tool made by Microsoft and I'm running it on a Mac OS X lappie. So my guess is that the RDC tool is interfering with Retrospect's GUI. Why? Because context switching to another app and then back seems to either free up or lock up the tabs in Activity Monitor.


Odd. Anyway, I guess you can add that to the tests done for QA smile.gif






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