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Philips DVD+-RW 8631 doesn't quite work


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I have a philips DVD+-RW 8631 (Dell computer) using retrospect 7.0.326. Backups work just great except for the fact that I have to eject and reinsert the DVD for the backups to proceed. When I come in each morning, retrospect is waiting for media with the error "Content unrecognized." If I just eject and reinsert, it recognizes the backup dvd, executes the script, and verifies the backup.


Interestingly, this only occurs on scheduled backups. If I execute the backup as "Run Now," it runs without incident.


Has anyone else encountered this?

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Same here. I have a support case open (6 months now) with no

apparent action by Dantz.


My problem occurs on a Sony DRU510A, and I just discovered that the

problem occurs only on +RW media that is being reused.


I rotate through 8 backup sets, each of which has 6 DVD members. When

I fill up 6 members I move to the next backup set. Recently I found myself

short of time and extended a backup set to 8 DVDs. For the entire time

I was writing incremental sessions to those 2 never-before-used DVDs

I did not get "Unrecognized media".


I finally rotated to the next backup set, and the first autorun incremental

stopped with "Unrecognized media".


I also see this only on autorun backups, not when starting manually, and

can get past the error merely by ejecting and reinserting the disk. However,

this defeats the purpose of scheduled backups, which is to run unattended.

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