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Can you bind Retrospect Server to a specifc NIC?

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I'm running Multi Server v6.0 on Win2k SP4. This server has 2 NICs in it. Both NICs are on the same same subnet but they have different IP's assigned to them:




I would like Retro Server to *always* use NIC1 when making connections to Retro Client machines. Currently it is accessing at least 1 client (and probably others, haven't verified) via NIC2, which is interferring with other application specific traffic that I have going through that NIC.


NIC1 is listed 1st in the list in Advanced Settings for the adapter. However Retro Server seems to be ignoring this and using NIC2 anyway. Is there a way to force Retro Server to use a specific NIC?



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That did the trick for volumes that are being accessed via Retro Client.


I have another problem though. Some volumes have been added to Retro Server via Windows file sharing (SMB). For example, Retro Server is running on Server2. I have a folder on Server1 (FolderA) that I want to back up. I added FolderA to the volume list via SMB. When Retro Server accesses FolderA on Server1 it should connect through NIC2 (see above). However it is connecting to Server1 through NIC1.


As noted above I've done the following on Server2:

Settings > Network and Dial-up Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings


"Connections are listed in the order in which they are accessed by DNS and other network services"


Under that I have NIC1 listed before NIC2.


Retro Server is not honoring this setting. Is there a Retrospect specific setting that would allow me to bind Retro Server to NIC1, similarly to how Retro Client can be bound to a NIC? (reg hack or something)



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If you are backing up via Windows Networking, then Retrospect is less flexible since Windows is directing the network traffic. There is no setting in Retrospect that I am aware of, that would let you get around this.


If you drag a file to the network share via Windows networking, can you verify that it is using NIC1 instead of NIC2? Also, how are you verifying which NIC is being used?

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Retrospect client can be bound to a specific IP address using the Retroclient -IP command from a command line.


Just to make sure-

The NIC settings only apply to Retrospect client backups. File share backups cannot be controlled in Retrospect. It will just use whatever NIC is available for that.




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