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Automatically Deferring PC

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I am currently using Server 6.5 with 55 clients. I have one client that will not back up period. While Proactive script is polling it gets this PC it goes through, finding source, ready, then passes it up saying the client has defered. The client isn't even around his PC when it does this. It is somehow doing it by itself. We have tried "forgeting" the client from the server. Also uninstall/reinstall of the client software, then reaquiring the client on the server. To no avail, it still passes it by saying it has been defered. The Client is running Win98SE. Any help would be appreciated.





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That's definitely interesting to hear.

If the client can be accessed by a manual backup, then there is no reason why the proactive shouldn't pick it up.


A couple things:

1. First, please try doing a clean install of the 7.0 client. The 7.0 client is fully compatible with the 6.5 backup server.


2. Did you reboot the Win98 machine in between uninstalling and reinstalling? With Win98, I don't think the uninstall process is complete until you reboot the machine or perhaps there may be some residual files/settings that are left over until the system is restarted.


3. Please check the Proactive Backup tab on the Retrospect Client and make sure that it is set to "According to Normal Schedule".


4. Can you create a new proactive script adding this one win98 client as a source and a new file backup set as a destination? Isolating the client on it's own script may give us a better idea of what is going on.

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