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Roff.sys problems on Windows Powered NAS


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I'm wondering if Dantz has an updated roff.sys for Retrospect 6.0.


The problem: when roff.sys is installed and enabled, my Windows Powered (Windows 2000 for NAS) server hangs during restarts or shutdowns. It just stops with a white cursor blinking at the top left corner. If I disable the driver, it restarts without any problems. The only other program installed on this computer that could conflict is Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition, but I've tested with this program removed as well.


I've got an updated version of roff.sys for Retrospect 6.5 and was wondering if one was available for 6.0 or if I could use this one with my 6.0 install.

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The NAS has 1024 MB of RAM.




I don't know of any other open file software other than the standard Dell installed software (this is a Dell PowerVault 725N using hardware RAID across 4 disks). On a Dell forum, someone mentioned that the Open File Option for Veritas BUE also had the problem, but that Veritas had released a patch (Veritas tech doc: http://seer.support.veritas.com/docs/260097.htm). Perhaps this can help shed some light on the problem...

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