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Open file backup conundrum.


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Hello there!


First off I would like to say that I feel Retrospect is a brilliant application and kudos to the developers who spent the time and energy building such a great product.


I am using Retrospect Pro 7.0.249 and have just recently been setting up scripts to back up email on both Mac and Windows platforms at the same time. Most of the tests have worked perfectly except for one. I created a script to run back up on 3 machines on the network and 2 of them went off without a hitch. One of them came back with an error -1017 (insufficient permissions) "Cannot use Open File Backup option...". I searched through the forums and found mentions of VSS and confirmed in the event viewer that there was indeed an issue with the VSS on the PC being backed up. My issue now is that when I checked via Retrospect to ensure that the other files had successfully backed up, I noticed that the file (more specifically a .pst) that I had requested be backed up had been, even with the error.


Did the file actually back up? This is where I am confused. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and if any additional information is needed, let me know.


Thank you.

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It depends what the error was. .pst files are Outlook data files. You can try going under your script options, go to Windows>Outlook and check Force back of Microsoft Outlook data. This will close Outlook before the backup runs so Retrospect will be able to back up the .pst.


You should also install the latest build 7.0.326 from our updates page at http://www.dantz.com/updates

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