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Delete a restored file


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I have a 7.0 trial version. I ran a backup of a file then made some changes to the file and ran another backup to capture the changes. In order to assure myself that everything was working like it was supposed to I did a restore of the file. Not taking any chances I used the option of restoring to another location. I checked the contents of the restored file and the original file plus the changes were restored as intended. Everything seemed to work as slick as a button on an outhouse door until I tried to delete the restored file. I keep getting an error message saying

"Cannot delete file, Unable to read from the source file or disk"


Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the restored file?

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After getting the error message, can you still open the file?

You could try running chkdsk /r [/r takes longer, but if there aren't issues from /f, you'd still want to run /r]

And, there is always the "Reboot and see if that fixes it".

Another idea - any chance that the backup was made by a different 'user' than the one used to restore it? I.e., if that were the case, maybe something going on with user permissions [although that doesn't sound like an error from failed user permission]


Good luck.

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