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Retrospect HD will not run backup


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Have a new Maxtor II. Set it up and installed RHD software. Drive is recognized and works using Windows Explorer.


When I try to do a back up using RHD, nothing happens. If I push the button on the drive, a balloon pops up saying that the backup will start in 20 seconds. It then counts down and nothing happens. If I choose "back up now" from within the RHD software, nothing happens.


The drive is formatted NTFS. I have XP Home.


In the "setup" button I have checked "complete back up", "my entire computer" and "Disk to Store back ups on" = "Local Disk E", which is the Maxtor.


Why won't it start the backup process?



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I am running windows 2000. You have gotten a lot further than me. When I click setup, absolutely nothing happens. The whole program seems inert. Too bad I couldn't get this software to run a month ago BEFORE my hard drive crashed. I have seen a lot of complaints about this product. Supposedly there is a version of Express 6.0 on the Maxtor II disk, but I haven't been able to find it.

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