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Disaster Recovery and 641 error code


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I have been trying to restore my Retropsect 6.0 back-up to a new XP machine after the old one fried from a lightning hit. I was prepared to restore data files and just reinstall software since the machine types are different. I recreated the catalog on the new disk and found that the process had one execution error, due to a chunk checksum error, and therefore would not display any snapshots other than the single back-up file. Restoring this single backup file loses 8 months of data.


I ran a verify media from Retrospect and it said there was one corrupt file. Thinking this was an error on the back-up drive media, I ran chkdsk with repair and it found a bad spot on the disk, which it said it repaired. When I ran a verify again it now shows two corrupt files and of course the catalog recreation won't display snapshots either. I assume the corruption of the check-sum got carried over to the rewritten good track, so the software still sees the snapshot as corrupt.


I've read through forum problems and it sounds like you can't move or copy any of these rbc files around. I am hoping there is a way to identify the snapshot that was written on the bad track, delete it, recreate a catalog and restore as much current data as is left. Can anyone tell me if this can be done and if so how? I'm desperate to try to recapture this data and have been working on it for more than a week to no avail.

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