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didn't compare at data offset 0

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We just started using Retrospect Single Server on a mixed network of Windows and Mac clients. When the Mac clients are backed up, some files get errors that say "didn't compare at data offset 0." What does this mean and how can it be corrected?


Here's the log text:

8/3/2005 8:58:17 AM: Comparing Macintosh HD on JEFF-COMPUTER

File "Macintosh HD:.Spotlight-V100:.store.db": didn't compare at data offset 0

File "Macintosh HD:.Spotlight-V100:store.db": didn't compare at data offset 0

8/3/2005 8:59:34 AM: 2 execution errors

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It means the first byte in the file is different on the tape compared to on the disk. This usually means the file changed on the disk, during the time from it was backed up till it was compared.


Both the spotlight files and DS_Store files are likely to change at any time. The former contains a search index for the drive and it's periodically and automatically updated. The latter contains information for the Finder, such as icon position in the window.


These files doesn't need to be backed up and you can just disregard the errors. But if these errors bugs you, create a new selector to avoid backing them up.


Also make sure you use the latest Mac Retrospect Client software.

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