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Wireless connection drops


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I'm using Retrospect 6.5 Professional with 2 clients, all connected via WLAN with WAP encryption.

- Backup pc: Windows XP, Linksys WMP54GS

- 1st Client pc: Windows 2000, Belkin Wireless G

- 2nd Client pc: Windows XP, Vaio notebook, built in wireless

- Router: Netgear DG834GUKAL as DHCP server

- Distance between pc's approx. 1 meter

- Distance to router approx 5 meters

- 2 to 4 other pc's not backed up farther away


The problem:

Soon after backup starts on the 1st client, all connections are lost and come back on when Retrospect resumes with backing up the backup pc itself. This used to work fine as long as there was only the backup pc and the Vaio notebook.


Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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