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Multiple Backup Sets for Same Data *Different Destinations*

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Hello All,


Here is my situation, I am looking to Create one backup set which will backup my Sql Database to a hard disk on my network. For offsite purposes I would like to tke a DVD backup of those files offsite. My dilema is in the creation of the second backup set that will take the hard disk residing backup and burn it over to the DVD.


Currently the Grooming on the Hard Disk backup is set for 15 consecutive daily backups, but that will not fit on DVD. If in the second backup set I set it to groom per every backup will that only be what that particular set stores for restore purposes, or will my original to hard disk backups be destroyed?


My Assumption is that I should create a set that will run Daily and write data directly to the DVD, although I was just looking for way to not have to backup my Sql database twice daily freeing up some resources for end users.




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