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Error -106 and -1023

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last evening, whilst one of our scheduled backups were running, our computer played up. Retrospect went unresponsive and I had force it to end task. The problem is, I think this all happened whilst it was trying to back up one of our computers over the network. Since then, I have restarted my computer and when I try to run another backup to the same media, I come up with a message with the error -106 followed by "data overwrite attempt". On this same window is an OK button. (It's also the only option.) I press this and retrospect tries to back up again, but again I get the same message and error number. I then cancel the backup job. I have a closer look at the backup log and I find another error number in the log. This time, the error is -1023 (already exists). And error -1023 refers to an rdb file on the DVD-RAM. (We back up onto DVD-RAM.) I then look at the contents of the DVD-RAM and find this file that supposedly already exists. I find it but it is also apparently 0K in size as well. I am leaning towards removing this file from the DVD-RAM and seeing how that goes. (I think I might be stuffed anyway even if this doesn't work.) I am thinking I can move the file out of the DVD-RAM and but the file back if the backups still don't work. (Even if this doesn't work, I still have other backup sets... we have a different DVD-RAM to back up to for each different working day, so the most I will lose is 1 day's work if I have a system crash.) Would any one have any ideas before I plunge into this, I would admit, crazy move.



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