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I need a staged backup success story please...

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I am constantly getting the following error...


TMemoryappl.gifcreateMapFile: Could not create the paging file, error 80


We are backing up to 3 different disk backup sets on two different 1.6TB drives.


The first two backup sets' members, <Workstations> and <Laptops>, are set to take up 1.1T together on one of the 1.6T drives.


The third backup set's member, <servers>, is set to take up 1.1T on the other 1.6T drive.


All three backup sets auto groom to 5 days (there is more than enough room in each member to hold 5 days).


All 3 of these disk sets are transfered "Transfer backup set", to an AIT loader every Sunday.


The catalogs for the 3 disk backups and the tape transfer are stored on a separate 250g internal drive on the backup server (which is not the startup drive). It has plenty of free space.


When I started using this setup, I would get the above error after 3 or 4 days. But in the logs, the backup would apparently finish after this error. In another 3 or 4 days, these errors would make the backup member unusable and retrospect would mark the "member damaged or missing" in the member pane of the backup set properties window. This made the backup member useless, and me with no backups for a week.


Tech support told me this was because I was not defragmenting my drives and this was stated in the manual (I can't find mention of it). While defragmenting the drives has cut down on the incidence of the above error, it has not eliminated them. Indeed first thing after defragging my <server> drive, the <server> disk script barfed up that error this morning. I'm just now getting this to work well enough to do some restore testing. So I don't even know if this error is making my backups worthless yet.


ALL of this aside, between the defragging, grooming and transferring of backup sets to tape (which is paaaaaainfully slow), I'm not left with much time to do actual backups. I'm really looking for some reassurance here. Is *anybody* having success with staged disk backups/transfer to tape?


TIA for any comments or advice,

Mark Maytum

Pompanoosuc Mills

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Saw this thread before I posted, didn't help.


My system drive (and Retro program drive) is a 160gb drive with about 140 free (C:). My catalog drive (D:) is 250g with about 100g free. Every night retrospect renders the catalog drive into swiss cheese. So much so that even defrag -f will not fix it. The only way to fix it is to copy all the catalogs off, and back on, using another drive. In my mind, all this stuff has to be scriptable, and copy-defrag is too crufty. What *would* be helpful is if somebody could tell me where Retro creates its proprietary paging file. My *guess* is that it stores it in the same directory as the catalog. If that's the case, then my problem is Retro is fragging the disk so fast that it cannot create the paging file.


Keeping almost 3.5T of disk space defragged is no small (or quick) feat. I'm wonding if anybody is really using staged, disk backups with grooming in a production environment with more than 1T of data.

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I never found a *pretty* solution. It involved splitting up some of our backups so we could segregate the ones causing a lot of fragmentation onto their own target drives. For example we found Lotus Domino backups were the cause of much of our storage set fragmentation on our <Servers> backup set. So we split it onto its own disk set. Instead of grooming this one, we just transfer it to tape every weekend and then recycle it.


Other than this, we're defragging a lot. Still spending a lot of time getting this to work correctly. Still very far from autopilot. Pretty close to just giving up on grooming - MOF, don't know why I keep sticking with it as we've got enough HD space to just fill up a disk set, transfer to tape, recycle and repeat.


Sorry I can't be more helpful,


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