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Retrospect Express HD with Maxtor OneTouch II

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Just bought the Maxtor OneTouch II and got Retrospect Express HD with it. It seems there was a problem the first time I tried to do a backup and after some processing (about 20 minutes - total hard drive size is about 40GB), the message was that there was a problem and the backup could not be completed.


I accidentally deleted all the files from the Windows (XP with SP2) Explorer and started again. Again it seemed to finish the backing up part (this time it took much longer) but it failed at the 'verification' (is it verification step after the backup step?) step.


At this time, I think it is occupying more space than my filled up space on the laptop which I am trying to back up. How could that be? Is it that it has not been able to 'clean up'? How do I resolve this situation?


Also, I want to start from scratch and try it. I could not find a 'format' command anywhere - neither in the Maxtor settings nor in the Retrospect settings. Any clues?


Thanks in advance ...

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Make sure that for your backup source, you only selected the "C" drive. You could format the hard drive by using the windows utility.Right click on the hard drive and select "format" then confirm to format (don't forget to select the file format NTFS or FAT 32 according to your expectation)



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