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Selectors, Export and share? looking for exclusions of ...

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Is anyone here working with and creating Selectors to Export and share? We're looking for ideas for exclusions of audio, video, graphics, compressed files, Disk Images, generalised garbage that shouldn't be backed up, etc. for multi platforms to share with others for v7. Is there a forum or group of users that is doing this and if so who and where are they? Would like to collaborate with.


We were using an older version of retrospect on a Mac but have moved to Win2K3 Server version for multi platforms and just beginning to do baseline testing of it on our network, like the speed and flexability it offers but we need to exclude many more types of files than are available in the default install of the selectors. I'll share the sets the we create if there are others that are willing to add their 2 cents about the files that they also see as being a waste of backup space.


Thanks in advannce [tia]


Scott Holmquist


Cal Poly Pomona

Academic Resources, Planning and Administraton

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Hi Scott -


I've messed about with some variants and, assuming there isn't yet an easier way to present them to the group, send me your address and I'll mail you a sample.


I use these fairly simplistic Selectors, even when doing a backup for disaster recovery as it cuts down by a significant percentage the files that 'actually' need to find their way back to say a fresh hard drive.




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