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Support for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Clients?


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Oddly enough, I can't find any posts containing the string "Tiger" in the title? Either Dantz removed them all or very few people use Retrospect Pro to backup Tiger clients!


I use Retrospect Pro/Windows 6.5.


I will soon have a Tiger machine on my LAN. I went to the Dantz pages and couldn't find much (anything really) on Tiger support for Retrospect Pro. The Mac client was last updated about a year ago, so I'm pretty sure it has no Tiger support.




1. Is there any Tiger support for 6.5?

2. Can I use the Retrospect/Mac client that supports 10.4 with Retrospect Pro 6.5?

3. Does Retrospect Pro 7.0 support Tiger? Does it work?


I'm considering changing backup approaches to another solution set, so I'm quite curious about all this.





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