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Is Grooming reliable?


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I've been running Retrospect Professional 7 since shortly after it came out, backing up a small windows windows network to an external hard drive. The drive is set to groom according to the default policy when space runs short.


This configuration has been causing me headaches... I've had to recreate the catalog file twice from scratch after grooming attempts would fail with a complaint about catalog corruption, and now I'm getting the following error when attempting to groom:


TMemory::createMapFile: Could not create the paging file, error 80


I've googled for this error and searched this forum, and have come up empty. This setup worked for about a year under 6.5 without problems, but performing regular recycles. Backups (and other activities on this computer) work without problem, and there aren't any events in the event log which would indicate that the scary "could not create paging file" error is system related.


I know I could go back to recycling... but I've been purposefully trying out grooming to figure out whether it's something I can recommend to my clients (I'm a consultant). I'm just wondering if


(a) anyone has seen this error before

(B) anyone is successfully using grooming over long periods of time (where your storage media is actually running out of space and requiring a groom)




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Hey Robert:


I have no answers yet but have been wondering what to expect from version 7.0. I bought the upgrade last month and just installed it last night. Also downloaded and installed the latest update. Tonight I will schedule the first full backup.


I think the experts would ask first - what version is installed? Lastest is 7.0.301.


Are some systems backed up with the Retrospect Client?


What versions of Windows are on this small network?


You are using an external hard drive; is it in the compatibility list?



In any case, the message, "could not create paging file" sounds weird to me.

The Windows system paging files would already be there.


Is there any chance you have a Promise ATA controller card in any system?

The 7.0 README.html file discusses an old Promise file called Evian.sys that does caching; and it describes compatibility problems.


*** I did a google search and found the following thread ...




Looks like it will help.


Wayne Scott

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Grooming may not be reliable. I've had two "restore" failures where the missing files may be due to grooming.


I had two sets of backup sets, all on disks, the main difference between them being that one was groomed, the other not. Neither set reported errors. The groomed set turned out to be missing many recent files that existed on the non-groomed set.


There are other possible reasons why this happened: the backups occur at different times, the machines being backed-up are notebooks that are often not connected to the network, and the files that were missing were probably active during the backup that was groomed.


I don't use grooming any more.

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