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How to get rid of the initial backup/restore screen: It's hiding my run document


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Hello folks! I just bought Retrospect 7 *today* so this is certainly a newbie question.


I created a run document on my windows desktop to fire off a backup. It's working just fine.


However, when I hit the icon, the it starts up Retrospect and displays the usual Backup/Restore buttons in a window in the center of the screen. My Run Document executes *under* this wizard, so I have to close it in order to check out the action.


I'd rather not have my users close that window every time, because someone is going to close the wrong thing.


Is there a way to give the Run Document execution screen precedence over the startup wizard? I would rather that the startup wizard not appear at all, but there doesn't seem to be a choice for this in the preferences, I couldn't find a hit in the knowledgebase, and there was nothing obvious about it in the manual.





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Thank you so much for your help -- I was hoping that it would be simple like this. I guess this probably *is* in the docs somewhere, but not identified in a way that I could make the connection with "overview".


Thanks again.

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