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crashing the whole server

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I recently upgraded to version 7 and setup a backup script for saving my „serial 3ware raid 10“ to a 400 GB Seagate but it happens, something like every second job, that Retrospect is quitting operations during the backup. In the morning, when I lock on to the server there is no Retrospect running only the Retrospect massage „quit job because of an power failore or system crash.

There is not even an error in the Windows event lock!!

I already installed the latest Retrospect driver ru705102.exe and the Retrospect 7.0.301 update.

Retrospect is running on a Supermicro Dual Xenon Board with the latest Bios and Windows 2003 and Exchange SP 1.


Thank you


Michael Müller

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Do you have the newest drivers for the RAID controller installed?

This sure sounds like an IO problem to me. Retrospect pushes your disks and the disk controllers harder than any other program. If they are flaky the will most likely crash/have problems during backup.




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I get a similar message quite often in Retrospect, but it is just during normal operation and not specifically when it is reading data from a client that has a 3ware SATA RAID card. I'm not sure if it is related the the original problem in the thread as the error message seems to be a generic catch-all to be displayed when Retrospect goes belly-up. :~( It happens to me both when I'm backing up to harddrives and also when I'm backing up to tape.

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