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Warning: Disk free space has dropped


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I have a Maxtor II 300GB and was using it to backup my C: Drive. It has worked for a while, but I am now getting the following warning:


"Disk free space has dropped below the minimum threshold. Free up space on your hard disk drive by:

1. Backing up your data to a tape backup, ZIP or network drive.

2. Delete unused files.


If you are unsure which files are safe to move or delete, contact your Help Desk or consult your software manuals."


My C: drive still has plenty of space, while my Maxtor II is full. I thought retrospect express hd automatically deletes older restore points to make space for new ones. Did I set it up incorrectly?




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It should be deleting the restore points automatically. That isn't working for some reason.


Try this:

Open up Retrospect Express HD and click on "restore". From there manually delete old restore points that you don't need. Retrospect should get rid of the old data for you.




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