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Restore system to same hardware but on RAID drive


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I'm trying to restore [bare metal up] my system [Win XP SP2] to exactly the same set of hardware except i've set up a RAID drive using one SATA and one PATA drive.

The motherboard manufacturer provides the SATA and RAID drivers on a floppy. I'm loading both via F6.

Using the DR CD, setup stops and claims it cannot load the raid driver.

Using Win XP install disk, it runs fine - all the way through to finishing the install.


With the change to a RAID system drive this may not fall within the scope of what Retrospect must do. But, should it work? Any idea of how to make it work?



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Could someone say whether this issue will be/might be addressed in the future?


Just to confirm. Using a DR CD created when WinXP is installed on the RAID array, Setup does not recognize the array. Specifying the nVidia RAID and IDE drivers as Setup is loading still results in Setup claiming it can't load the drivers when it starts to copy files.

For the RAID array, using the built in RAID function on a Gigabyte K8NSC-939. I'm guessing that this behviour is not unique to this motherboard.

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